Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rings and Records

October 15/16, 1960

Big news for Beatle fans yesterday and today.  On October 15, the Beatles, with their visiting manager, Allan Williams, went to the Akustik Recording Studio, near the Hamburg Train Station to make a record.  Alan decided to team up some members from the Rory Storm and the Hurricanes with some from the Beatles for this "project", including the drummer from the Hurricanes, name of Ringo Starr.  For the first time, all four Beatles played together on record.  They produced a version of the Gershwin song Summertime and had something like six copies made.  The only proof of it's existence is a picture of one of them, so clean out those attics, kiddies.  There are some 78 RPM records out there somewhere that would be worth many thousands of dollars each, even in this depressed market!

On October 16, the Beatles contract with Koschmider was extended through the end of the year.  (Alas, as we will soon discover, it was not to be.)  The band members were making 30 Deutchmarks (2 and a half British pounds) per day.  Oh well, it's a living.

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