Friday, August 13, 2010

The Best Comes In

August 12,1960

The pace begins quickening now.

Bruno Koshmider, manager of the Kaiserkeller club in Hamburg asked Allan Williams if he had any groups who might be able to come over to Germany to play there for a couple of months.  These were real professional jobs and they paid pretty well.  Still, it was no easy task to find a whole group of young men, most of whom were focusing on starting real careers, to up stakes and go across, leaving family and friends behind for months.  Luckily, the Beatles were just such a group.

There still remained the problem of a drummer.  The Beatles all thought Pete Best was a good guy, though kind of quiet, and he could carry a beat and did have that new drum kit...  So, the formality of a "audition" was arranged at the Blue Angel, one of Allen Williams Liverpool clubs.  Pete was in.

Paul, using all his native charm, talked his father into letting him go, even at the cost of missing some school.  George and Pete had mothers who were always ready to support their show biz aspirations.  John and Stu were somewhat older and at an age where they could be expected to make their own decisions (or should that be mistakes?) though John really had to work to get his aunt Mimi on board.  He did that by slightly exaggerating the opportunity (100 pounds a week!) and acting very excited about it.  

In less than a week they would be on their way to Germany.

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