Friday, July 2, 2010

A Steel Drum Band Goes Over

Early July, 1960

The Beatles were still playing, more for fun and practice than anything else, on Mondays in the basement of Allan Williams' Jacaranda Club.  On the other nights of the week, the entertainment was provided by a steel drum band.  (Readers of a certain vintage will remember the craze in the early '60 for Caribbean music, the biggest example of which is Harry Belafonte.)  Apparently, the fad had reached Germany, because around this time, the steel drum band decided to abscond from Liverpool for greener pastures in Hamburg, Germany, of all places.  The band members remained on good terms with Allan.  They called him to let him know there was plenty of opportunity over there for budding rock and roll talent and their enterprising managers.  No doubt, that started the gears turning in Allan's fertile imagination.

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