Friday, June 11, 2010

Tommy takes a vacation

June 11, 1960

The Beatles played the Grosvenor Ballroom again.  The Beatles had agreed to meet at the Jacaranda and go to the gig together.  When Tommy Moore didn't show up, they all piled into Allan Williams car and drove off to get him.  At Tommy's residence, his girlfriend informed them in no uncertain terms, that Tommy was finished with them.  He had gotten a job at the Garston Bottle Works.  They found Tommy perched on a fork lift.  In spite of cajoling and pleading, they couldn't convince Tommy to come down and play the gig.  (Still, after this he was persuaded to play one more gig with them.)

The Beatles were without a drummer, but they did have a drum kit.  At the gig, John Lennon, with his usual cheek, asked if anyone in the crowd would like to play drums that night.  That was a very bad idea.  Up stepped a large menacing looking Teddy Boy (with no obvious experience as a drummer) known to Beatles lore as "Ronnie".  He bashed away at the skins that night with such enthusiasm that the regular band members began to worry about what his reaction would be when the event was over and it was time to pack up and go home. Alan Williams came to the rescue and extricated the band from the clutches of the local Teds with no serious harm done.

Here is a pic that I found on that shows just a glimpse of the elusive and enigmatic Tommy Moore behind his kit at the Larry Parnes audition earlier this month.

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