Friday, April 23, 2010

The Nerk Twins

April 23, 1960

During Easter break, John and Paul decided on a change of scene and hitchhiked to Reading, England.  Paul's cousin Betty and her husband, Mike, operated a neighborhood pub there called "The Fox and Hounds".  Mostly they were there to hang out and pull pints at the bar, but Mike, knowing of their interest in music, suggested that they might like to do a set for the patrons.  They agreed on the moniker "The Nerk Twins" and this weekend was the only time they used it.  One of the song requests they did, no doubt with tongue in cheek, was Les Paul and Mary Ford's "The World is Waiting for the Sunrise".  (I can just hear John doing that, even today, can't you?)

Paul McCartney recently said it was the smallest venue they ever played and they were pretty much ignored, but they did hand-draw some posters announcing the appearance.  Can you image what one of those would be worth if it turned up in somebody's attic today?

Recent "Fox and Hounds" photo from the Online Daily Mail

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