Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liverpool scene March 1960

This is my first "50th Anniversary" post.

It was a very seminal event that took place the week of March 14-20 1960 at the Empire Theatre in downtown Liverpool England.  Larry Parnes, an English pop impressario, organized a show featuring top American rock-and-roll singers Eddie Cochran and Gene VincentAllan Williams, a local boxing promoter and club owner, saw new vistas open up before him in the crowds of teenagers queuing up to see their idols from the other side of the Atlantic.  Williams could smell a five pound note from a mile away so it didn't take him long to get in touch with Parnes about doing some joint productions in the future.  He is destined to loom large in the Beatles legend.

It's just another instance of how the stars seemed to align in just the right way to ensure that the world would experience the phenomenon known as the Beatles.

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